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Best Arribbiata Sauce
We don't use the word best lightly. Splurge for the real d.o.p San Marzano tomatos from Italy - or at least San Marzano style.
1-3 hours,   Makes enough for 5-6 pint-size jars.
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4-6 Tbsp Olive oil
1 medium Onion, diced
2 large Carrots, diced
4 Red italian sweet peppers, diced
8 Garlic cloves, minced
4 cans 28-ounce San Marzano d.o.p. Tomatoes
2 cans 6-oz tomato Tomato paste
⅓ cup Chopped fresh basil, or 4 tsp dried
1 tsp Dried oregano
¾ tsp Red pepper flakes (or not for regular Marinara sauce)
1 Tbsp Salt
1 tsp Black ground pepper
2 Tbsp Sugar
2 Bay leaves
1.  Cook diced onion (1 medium), diced carrots (2 large), and diced italian sweet peppers (4 red) in olive oil (4-6 tbsp approximately).
2.  Add minced garlic cloves (8) last and continue cooking for an additional 10-15 minutes. Low heat here - don't burn or brown the garlic.
3.  Remove the cooked vegetables from pot and puree them in a blender or food processor.
4.  Add the pureed vegetables back to the pot.
5.  Quickly pulse-blend san marzano tomatoes (4 cans, with sauce) in a blender, or for sauce with texture, just mash them in a bowl with a fork. Avoid pureeing them aggressively because damaging too many of the seeds will release bitterness.
6.  Add tomatoes to the pot.
7.  Add tomato paste (2 cans), basil, oregano, red pepper flakes (3/4 tsp), salt (1 tbsp), pepper, sugar, and whole bay leaves (2) to the pot.
8.  Cook for a minimum of 30 minutes, and up to 3 hours.  ©
9.  Taste and adjust seasonings (salt, pepper, sugar, pepper flakes) to your liking
10.  Remove the bay leaves
1.  Since you made the best sauce, serve it right. Cook the pasta just short of al dente then finish it in a pan with the sauce.
2.  Best if made on Sunday.

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