7 Must-Have Kitchen Gadgets for Spacious Kitchens - Upgrade Your Cooking Game!

Posted on January 9, 2024 by Kayla Bennett Kayla Bennett

Discover the top kitchen gadgets for spacious kitchens! From innovative appliances to handy tools, find out how to enhance your culinary experience in a roomy kitchen. titleimage If cooking is your hobby, you should spend some money on yourself.

Ready to jazz up that extra space in your kitchen with some cool gadgets? We're diving into the world of not-so-essential but oh-so-desirable kitchen tools. These gadgets are perfect for those blessed with a bit more countertop real estate. You might not technically need these cool tools, but you "need" it (wink wink).

Let's just jump right in...

Countertop Nugget Ice Maker: The Party Essential

nugget ice maker

Antarctic Star Nugget Ice Maker

Justification: "Honey, think of all the money we'll save on not buying bags of ice for every party. Plus, it's perfect for your iced coffee!"

Justification: The first thing to stop working on an expensive refrigerator is usually the ice maker, but by the time it does, you "can't get that part". A new fridge is over $2000. This isn't.

Everyone loves those soft little nugget ice cubes they use at S_ or S_____. This machine makes them. It's a little pricey, but it's a lot cheaper than a new fridge.

Kitchenaid Stand Mixer: A Baker's Dream

kitchaid stand mixer

Kitchaid 6-quart Bowl-Lift Professional Mixer

Justification: "Imagine all the homemade goodies I can whip up for the family. It's a win-win for everyone, right?"

Even if you use this once a year to make holiday cookies, it looks awesome on your countertop. If you make homemade bread, pizza dough, or pasta, it's seriously useful.

Air Fryer: Healthier Cooking, Happier Life

via cucina air fryer

Val Cucina 10-in-1 Infrared Heating Air Fryer Toaster Oven

Justification: "We can enjoy our favorite fried foods with less oil. It's all about healthier eating without sacrificing taste!"

Justification: "It won't heat up the house like the regular oven."

Unlike using a microwave, reheated pizza in an air fryer is actually edible. Small batches of potatos or meat are perfect for an air fryer. Check out or Air Fryer Steak Bites recipe.

Slow Cooker: Your Weeknight Savior

black and decker slow cooker

Black & Decker 7 Quart Digital Slow Cooker

Justification: "It'll make our busy weekdays so much easier. We can come home to a ready-to-eat meal every night!"

Full disclosure, where I'm from a slow cooker is an absolute necessity. Everyone has at least one. Check out the awesome features on this one -- Hooks to keep the lid on when you're transporting chile to the work party, and a chalkboard surface for artwork.

Food Processor: The Time Saver

cuisinart food processor model dlc-10

Cuisinart DLC-10 7-cup Food Processor

Justification: "Think of all the time I'll save on chopping and prepping. More time for us to spend together!"

I actually use this food processor more frequently for making sauces, pie crust, and grating potatoes more I use it for chopping vegetables. It's built like a tank. Pro tip - Do not use food processor or blender to turn tomatoes into sauce. The sharp blades will cut the seeds and turn your sauce bitter.

Panini Press: Cafe-Style Lunches at Home

panini press

Chefman 5-in-1 Digital Panini Press

Justification: "We can have those fancy cafe-style sandwiches anytime we want, right here at home. It'll pay for itself in no time!"

This panini press opens up into a 2-sided griddle. It's perfect for making grilled cheese sandwiches, quesadillas, and even pancakes. Here's an Italian lesson you didn't come here for: Panini means "Sandwiches". So, when you say "Panini Sandwich", you're saying "Sandwiches Sandwich" which just sounds silly. Just say "Panino" which means "Sandwich". Capisci?

Rice Cooker: Perfect Rice Every Time

rice cooker

Aroma 4-cup Rice Cooker

Justification: "No more burnt rice or watching the pot. It's perfect rice at the push of a button, and it keeps it warm for hours!"

Making rice is insanely easy with a rice cooker. To be honest, I consider mine essential. Add rice, water, press cook, ignore until you're ready to eat.


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Discover the top kitchen gadgets for spacious kitchens! From innovative appliances to handy tools, find out how to enhance your culinary experience in a roomy kitchen.