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Chicken Pesto Panini
Did you know that Panini is Italian for Sandwiches (plural)? One sandwich is a Panino.
30 minutes,   4 Sandwiches
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1 pound Chicken tenderloins (or breasts sliced into 1/2" thick pieces)
½ cup Pesto
½ cup Mayonnaise
1 loaf Ciabatta bread, sliced for 4 sandwiches.
4 slices Mozzarella
1 cup Baby arugula or spinach
2 Tomatoes
15 Basil leaves (optional)
2-4 Tbsp Olive or other cooking oil
1.  In a plastic bag, combine chicken tenderloins (1 package) and 1/4 cup of pesto, let sit for 15 minutes.
2.  In a small bowl, stir together pesto (1/2 cup) and mayonnaise (1/2 cup).
3.  Spread mixture on both sides (inside) of ciabatta bread pieces.
4.  Preheat an oiled skillet over medium-high heat.
5.  Saute chicken tenders (from step 1) for 5 minutes per side.
6.  Remove the cooked chicken tenders and let them rest for 5 minutes.
7.  Turn the heat down to medium, re-oil pan
8.  Place mozzarella (4 slices) on both halves of ciabatta bread.
9.  Add baby arugula or spinach , tomatos, optional basil leaves, then pesto chicken to the bottom piece of the bread.
10.  Top it with the top half of the bread.  ©
11.  Place the prepared sandwiches in to the pan and place a heavy pan on top.
12.  Cook for 3 minutes per side or until mozzarella (from step 8) starts to melt.
13.  Cut the grilled sandwichess as desired and serve.

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