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Crave-Worthy Chicken
Using chicken thighs with skin adds tremendous flavor to the roasted vegetables. This is an easy and delicious chicken and vegetable dish.
90 minutes,   Serves 4-6
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6 Chicken thighs, bone-in
3 Carrots
2 Onions
4 Potatoes
handful Fresh green beans, trimmed.
2 tsp Salt
1 tsp Pepper
5 Tbsp Olive oil
1.  Preheat the oven to 450.
2.  Line a baking sheet with heavy-duty foil.
3.  Cut all of the vegetables into bite-sized pieces.
4.  Leave a handful of green beans whole but trim ends.
5.  Toss vegetables in a bowl with 5 tbsp of oil, 2 tsp of salt, and 1 tsp of pepper.
6.  Ensure that all the vegetables are covered with oil, salt, and pepper.
7.  Spread the vegetables evenly over a foil-lined baking sheet.  ©
8.  On each of the 6 chicken thighs, peel back the skin (leaving it attached), and season with 2 tsp of salt and 1 tsp of pepper, then replace the skin.
9.  Arrange the thighs on top of the vegetables.
10.  Bake for 40-60 minutes.
11.  Check the doneness of the chicken and vegetables to determine the exact cooking time.
1.  Use any vegetables that roast well: sweet potatoes, asparagus, mushrooms, etc.
recipe image Crave-Worthy Chicken

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