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Korean Barbeque Sauce
This authentic korean bbq sauce prepared with fresh fruit is savory and sweet, not spicy.
20 minutes,   Makes about 2 cups
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1 cup Dark brown sugar
½ cup Water
1 cup Soy sauce
1 small White onion
1 Asian pear
1 Kiwi
8 cloves Garlic
1 piece Fresh ginger
¼ cup Toasted sesame oil
1.  Combine the dark brown sugar (1 cup), water (1/2 cup), and soy sauce (1 cup) in a bowl.
2.  Whisk until the sugar dissolves.
3.  Transfer the mixture to a food processor.
4.  Add the onion (1 small), pear (1 asian pear), kiwi (1), garlic (8 cloves), and ginger (1 piece) to the food processor.
5.  Process the mixture for about 2 minutes, until completely smooth.
6.  Add the toasted sesame oil (1/4 cup) to the mixture in the food processor.
7.  Blend until fully combined.
8.  Transfer mixture to an airtight container.  ©
9.  You can refrigerate it for up to 2 weeks or freeze for up to 2 months.
10.  Alternatively, you can freeze the mixture in standard ice cube trays. Transfer the cubes (they'll be about 2 tbsp each) to plastic freezer bags and freeze for up to 2 months.
recipe image Korean Barbeque Sauce

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